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The NAP Group, LLC was formed in 2008 and is a full-service limited liability company that has been built to provide high velocity consulting services to organizations in private/pubic sectors that will positively affect the organization's bottom line. We offer a wide range of services from team building to technology blueprinting to change management. The NAP Group and its partners can work to turn your company around today. (Research + Planning + Persistence + Buy-in = SUCCESS)

Ask yourself the following questions:

- Is your company or organization ready for change?
- Do you believe you can change?
- Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make the change happen?

Then let us help you:

- Decide what you need to change
- Learn what you need to know
- Put your plan into action

At The NAP Group, LLC, we assist you in transforming energy into synergy with sweat equity along the project life-cycle. We specialize in quick turnaround assessments, company profiling, keynote/motivational speaking, organizational development and strategic planning. Contact us today @ 713-202-3235 or
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